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At Boutin, we also offer top quality warehousing services at competitive rates. Our 400,000 square foot of warehouse space is located on Montreal’s South Shore – the perfect place to store your goods for shipment throughout Quebec, Ontario and the United States. We offer floor and shelf storage that meets food and industrial standards. We can provide the storage solution that’s right for you.

Complete and reliable warehousing services

Boutin is a leading 3PL in Eastern Canada. Our warehousing division :

  • Achieves an inventory accuracy ratio of 99,62% achieved through rigorous business processes sustained by constant investment in technology
  • Respects our customer’s customer requirements when shipping the goods stored such as Ti & Hi and labeling
  • Manages more than 2,000 containers stuffing and destuffing each year
  • Maintains clean warehouses that meet food standards
  • Traces our customers inventories with our RFID equipped warehouses
  • Can process our customer orders through EDI helping them to reduce the overhead coming with order management
  • Can manage transportation when it is time to receive or ship our customers goods

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Boutin is a leading 3PL in Eastern Canada. Our warehousing division :