General questions

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How can I calculate the dimensional weight for shipping?

Multiply the height X width X depth of your pallet or box, in inches. Divide the total by 1728. This gives you the cubic feet. Usually rates are calculated at 10 lb. per cubic feet of occupied space, multiply the result by 10 to get your dimensional weight.

E.g. 48 in. x 40 in. x 48 in. = 92 160, divided by 1728 = 53.33333, multiplied by 10 lb. = 533 lb.

The shipment’s dimensional weight is 533 lb. You’ll find a tool that performs this calculation for you in the “Useful Information” section, under “Dimensional calculation.” In the same section, you’ll also find all the answers to your questions.

How can I obtain a document concerning a shipment (bill of lading or proof of delivery)?
To get more information regarding your shipments, you’ll need your username and password. If you don’t have a username and password, or have forgotten them please contact Sandy Craig at 450-449-7373 or Toll Free 1 800 567-5841, Ext: 3254
Follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Extranet Extranet.
  3. Go to the file server (your system may require security clearance; click on “Yes”).
  4. Enter usager a space and your username.
  5. Enter your password; make sure you use the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.
  6. Select the type of document you want.
  7. You can search using different methods. The most practical method is by date or confirmation number. Do not use hyphens or spaces in the date.
If you can’t find the document you are looking for online, contact our customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and specify that the document is not available on the website.
What is the most efficient way to request a pickup?
The most efficient way to request a pickup is by e-mailing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Send us the shipping documents or make a request directly via email. You should receive proof of receipt and a tracking number within a few minutes of submitting your request.

Our order team is also at your service to coordinate all pickup requests by telephone: 1-800-267-4509, Ext. 3571.
What are the inner dimensions of your trailers equipped with retractable tarp systems?
Our Roll-Away trailers are 100 inches wide, 53 feet long and 105 inches high.

Boutin's services

Do you offer container deconsolidation services?
Yes. Boutin unbundles containers, handing everything from individual boxes to shipments of significant size and weight, and all categories of freight.

For more information, contact our district manager in charge of this service: David Nadeau our Territory Managernt for this area at 1-800-267-4509 Ext: 4225.
Do you offer refrigerated warehouse services?
No. Boutin offers dry goods storage only. However, some of our facilities are temperature controlled for goods sensitive to temperature fluctuations (chocolate, cosmetics, etc.). Contact us!
Do you offer coordinated transportation and warehousing services?
Yes. Boutin efficiently coordinates the transportation and warehousing of your goods to make your life easier and worry-free.
Is your warehousing and transportation service safe?
Rest assured, your shipment is in good hands! Our warehousing service is equipped with an excellent tracking system to prevent the loss of goods between pickup and delivery. In addition, when you do business with Boutin, you benefit from facilities equipped with surveillance cameras installed to prevent theft, as well as our various certifications.

Transpotation by dedicated units

My company needs help with product distribution, but I want to keep my own fleet.
Boutin has extensive expertise in this area. We will assess your situation and then suggest various solutions that fit with and complement your current fleet. Our cost-effective solutions combine profitability, flexibility and customer satisfaction. For details, don’t hesitate to contact our National Accounts Manager – Business Development, Christiane Martone at 514 212-9554.
I don’t have the time or resources to manage my own fleet. However, I would like to keep my drivers, who contribute significantly to the branding and sales of my products.
Your desire to keep your drivers is perfectly legitimate, and we have the solution. First, we make it a priority to hire your drivers. We also take steps to maintain your company’s brand image through driver training designed specifically around your company and its culture. We also include your logo on driver uniforms if so desired. Finally, our dedicated fleet gives you the advantage of having the same drivers on the same routes, day after day.
Can I benefit from a dedicated fleet without losing control over my distribution?
Depending on the contract, dispatching, assignment of orders, and delivery schedules can be controlled either by the customer or an expert at Groupe Boutin. When customers choose to maintain control, we are always available to suggest savings strategies based on our continuous improvement program. Whichever option you choose, Boutin is responsible for maintaining and replacing equipment, and managing drivers assigned to the contract.